Catena Blockchain Suite

The Catena Blockchain Suite is an industry first product to quickly enable publishing of complex datasets onto public or private blockchains. Utilising smart contracts and hardware security modules, Catena enables a new level of data consistency and integrity. National Research Council (NRC) is using the Catena Blockchain Suite, a Canadian-made product built on the Ethereum blockchain, to publish funding and grant information in real time.

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Velocity Technology

Velocity is a decentralized options platform that allows users to enter into a collar option using a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain. Velocity platform includes smart contracts responsible for the trades and PriceGeth an oracle to publish price on Ethereum blockchain at everyblock.

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Keystamp, An open-source Proof-of-Compliance standard on the blockchain

Ontario Securities Commission Hackathon 1st Prize Winner. Integrating applied cryptography and blockchain technologies in existing corporate processes and commercial relationships, such as compliance policy implementation and audit.

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Shir Ya Khat

Farsi (Persian) educational podcast on Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies

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